Independent Cannabis Entrepreneurs Go National

New Organization of Independent Cannabis Entrepreneurs to advocate on behalf of small business owners and operators across Canada

Toronto, ON April 3, 2019 – In tandem with the evolution of the cannabis industry, the membership of the former Ontario Independent Cannabis Entrepreneurs has decided to grow the scope of the organization’s advocacy efforts to include federal and provincial policy issues. The group of companies today announced the formation of the “Organization of Independent Cannabis Entrepreneurs” keeping their online presence as OICE.

This broadened industry association will advocate on behalf of their members to secure a diverse cannabis marketplace that encourages innovation, new products, economic development and regional job growth. First founded in September of 2018 to advocate on behalf of Ontario’s small cannabis businesses, OICE has continued to grow its membership and has expanded its mandate to meet the needs of entrepreneurs nationally.

“The progress of retail cannabis policy development in the provinces is intertwined with supply and manufacturing issues at the national level so it was a natural evolution for OICE to grow outside its original provincial border” said Founding Chairman, Jean Lépine of BlackShire Capital.

OICE will work with governments, businesses, and stakeholder groups across Canada to ensure that policy decisions affecting cannabis businesses in jurisdictions benefit Canada’s entrepreneurs, economy, innovation, and competitiveness. 

Members of OICE range from companies that are developing innovative products, retailers, unique delivery solutions, genetic testing and more.  The membership reflects the diversity and breadth of new businesses that are growing and emerging in this new marketplace.

“Canadian policy-makers can now hear from entrepreneurs and small businesses speaking with one voice on critical business issues while working together to successfully eliminate the black market” said Ryan Dempsey, CEO of Eddy and Member of OICE. “Furthermore, Canada has an opportunity to build an industry that can commercialize and export innovation as other jurisdictions around the world look to legalization.”

Current members of OICE include: Ayanda, Blackshire Capital, CannaReps, Eddy, Earth Kisses Sky, Grassroots Biotics, Gruvi, Headset, HighHope Dispensary, Leaf Forward, Lobo Genetics, Mastermind Bio-Wellness, mihi, Munchy Brothers, Omnica Biotech, Ovandi, Purple Tree Cannabis, Sensi Magazine and Stembis.

About OICE

OICE represents cannabis entrepreneurs across Canada, formed to advocate for member companies concerned with the development of policies that help cannabis entrepreneurs succeed and grow in Canada’s economy.

For more information please contact:

Celine Chang, 416.645.2921,

Celine Chang