2019 Ontario Budget - OICE Welcomes Increased Certainty for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Toronto, ON April 12, 2019 – The Organization of Independent Cannabis Entrepreneurs (OICE), a coalition representing independent cannabis businesses across Ontario, welcomes the measures introduced by the Government of Ontario in the 2019 budget to allow the AGCO to pre-qualify operators that seek to enter the market. This process will provide more certainty for independent businesses in the marketplace and is the first step towards solving start-up issues in a brand new industry.

In order to eliminate the black market in the province, Ontarians need safer and more convenient access to cannabis and accessories. OICE looks forward to working with the Government of Ontario to introduce measures that will further open the market for independent businesses, including conditions that allow for more retail stores to open and greater online access to cannabis sales through private ecommerce and delivery.

As the Government of Ontario has stated that the barrier to allocating further retail store authorizations is the lack of reliable supply of cannabis into Ontario, OICE also plans to work with the federal government to find solutions.

“The introduction of a pre-qualification process for operators seeking retail licenses is a positive step forward for independent cannabis businesses and entrepreneurs hoping to build their businesses in the province. OICE will continue to work with all levels of government to ensure that Ontario creates a long-term competitive market,” said Founding member of OICE and EVP of Blackshire Capital, Jean Lepine.


About OICE

OICE represents cannabis entrepreneurs across Canada and was formed to advocate for member companies concerned with the development of policies that help cannabis entrepreneurs succeed and grow in Canada’s economy.

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